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Menard Polska attaches paticular importance to environmental concerns. We improve our technologies in order to make them useful for recultivation and restoration of degraded lands as well as to improve the environmental conditions and increase the security of future generations.

The main sources of pollution are as follows:

• heavy metals,
• oil and its refined products (fuels, oils, greases, solvents),
• policyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs,
• chlorinated hydrocarbonsfenole
• phenols – benzene derivatives,
• pesticides.

Ground and groundwater remediation remediation techniques, depending on the place of treatment, are divided into:

metoda oczyszczania remediacji In-Situ

In-situ is a method applied directly to the site of pollutions without the need for excavation of contaminated soil or water.


On-site method is also applied in the area of pollution, but contaminated soil or water must be extracted. Then, the purified soil/water returns into place.


In this case, the output (excavated material) before fecultivation is mined and transported outside of the polluted area.

Remediation of brownfield sites

Revitalisation of former industrial sites is a serious challenge...

Groundwater remediation

In former industrial sites there is often a problem of migration of pollutants in groundwater…

Extraction of deep impurities

Conducting comprehensive remediation works is safe due to guaranteed appropriate safety actions…

Remediation of industrial tanks

Industrial water tanks take up a large area and over time they can undergo degradation…