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On former industrial sites, there is often the problem of migration of pollutants in groundwater. In such cases, removing or controlling pollution sources themselves is not enough, and remediation actions, including groundwater flow, are necessary.

We design and implement solutions tailored to meet our customer’s needs, based on our original techniques and 20 years’ experience in carrying out projects by Soletanche Freyssinet group.

Our advantages:
  • Project, prepared on the basis of modern testing techniques,
  • A wide range of techniques that allows for cost optimization for every project,
  • Monitoring and control  at each phase of the project.

Our technologies:

  • The removal of impurities using dewatering technique,
  • Anti-pollution filtering, restricting pollutant migration: filtering wells, drainage ditches,
  • Preventing the migration of pollutants in both vertical and horizontal ground: impermeable vertical and horizontal barriers: diaphragm walls with geomembrane ( optionally), Soil Mixing (Trenchmix, Geomix),
  • ”Pump-and-treat” groundwater remediation method, capacities from 5 up to 250 m³/hr: physicochemical, biological treatment
  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation – ISCO and reduction
  • Permeable Reactive Barrier (Permeable Reactive Barrier);