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The proces of revitalization of former industrial lands is a serious challenge and topical concern for the landowners and decisionmakers dealing with spatial planning.

We specialize in ”on-site” methods and comprehensive offers covering all types of soil and water remediation, thus we have a relevant experience in this field.

Our advantages:
  • Operational reliability of an international company with years of experience,
  • A wide range of on-site and in-site solutions in remediation and reclamation.

Our Technologies

  • The reduction in volume by sludge thickening, screening and rinsing processes,
  • Biological treatment (Bioremediation),
  • Mechanical extraction of volatile compounds,
  • Depletion in trenches (through Skimming) and boreholes (Oil Deep Skimming), multi-phase extraction,
  • Oxidation, reduction, solidification/stabilization in-situ:
  • using TAMSOL injections

  • soil mixing (DSM, Springsol)